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Technology: Diamond-Created Blades

To create these top-quality instruments, we select only high valued gem-quality flawless diamonds with stable and predictable properties. All incoming diamonds undergo an intensive evaluation process to confirm that they are of the necessary grade to produce some of the world's most resilient surgical knives. Because we care about our precious environment, we only use environmentally friendly diamonds from conflict-free ethical origins.

Over the past several decades, manufacturers have used a variety of materials including earth-mined and polycrystalline diamonds, steel, ceramic composites and corundum in the production of surgical blades. Through trial and error, manufacturers discovered that the harder and more durable the material, the sharper the blade that can be created. Diamond is the hardest substance known to man and helps form the sharpest blade edges. These precision edges are responsible for the exact, clean incisions required in the most complex surgeries. Other important benefits exclusive to diamond blades have been proven through decades of successful medical procedures:

- Cut tissue heals more rapidly
- Leaks are prevented
- Less tissue trauma due to superior sharpness
- Ability to perform reproducible incisions
- More accurate incisions than blades of other materials
- Chemical and temperature resistant
- Cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is the result of a diamond's absolute hardness (4 times more than sapphires and 20 times more than steel) and the significantly increased amount of surgical incisions over time (up to 800 times more than steel and 20 times more than sapphires).

Titanium Grade
Titanium Scalpel

Titanium alloy is another important material used to produce high-quality ophthalmic surgical instruments. Its natural durability makes it an ideal component of precision surgical knives. Lighter and tougher than other steel alloys, titanium is stain and corrosion free at any temperature, bacteria repellent and non-magnetic. Titanium-based ophthalmic diamond knife handles can be sterilized hundreds of times using high temperatures and can withstand various chemical solvents without any functional or visible deterioration. This superior material also directly contributes to the smooth movement and positional accuracy of the blade.

Edge Quality

The iCure blades sharpening system is the core element of our knives. It provides a guaranteed "nick-free" edge. Before it is sent to a client, each iCure gem-quality blade is examined under 500x magnifications after the final sharpening. The flawless crystal lattice of our gem-quality diamonds makes it possible to achieve optimal sharpness of the surgical blade in comparison with other materials.


Accuracy, reproducibility, and wound healing are paramount in producing successful surgical results. All three of these areas have shown significant improvement when moving from stainless steel to diamond blades. Only a diamond blade has an exquisitely sharp edge and blade sharpness has obvious benefits: the sharper the blade, the more control a surgeon has – resulting in reduced tissue trauma and more reproducible incisions.

Purchasing a gem-quality scalpel is a significant but worthwhile investment as its durability and effectiveness is incomparable. In the event that a blade is damaged or becomes dull, it can be re-sharpened several times depending on the extent of the damage.

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