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iCure specializes in the manufacturing and repair of surgical diamond knives used primarily in ophthalmic surgery. Using a high-precision process, the company serves the direct needs of ophthalmic surgeons by producing gem-quality diamond blades and knives for medical instrument manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. iCure's diamond blades are also extensively used in plastic, cardio and vascular surgery. Adhering to industry standards, the company's R&D division works with surgeons to design and develop new and enhanced models of surgical scalpels.

Our mission is to promote the unique benefits of surgical diamond knives by assuring their quality and making them affordable and available globally. We dedicate our time and resources in sharing our specialized knowledge with the ophthalmic community in order to maximize procedural effectiveness and minimize surgical recovery time.

iCure's innovative; state-of-the-art manufacturing process minimizes material consumption and costs directly resulting in optimized prices for our clients. iCure's extensive experience in the field of diamond processing enables us to fully utilize the important properties of a diamond to create the best instruments possible.

The scope of our presence spans internationally, as we are the supplier and vendor for a number of diamond knife manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Thank you for allowing us to share the features, benefits and advantages of gem-quality diamond instruments with your company.


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