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About iCure

iCure is a part of an international holding company that specializes in gem-quality diamond products for scientific, medical and industrial applications. For over 10 years the company has developed world-class expertise in the areas of diamond selection and evaluation, sawing and laser cutting, fine polishing and precise measurements. Since 2005, the company has supplied world-renowned manufacturers of diamond knives with the highest grade gem-quality diamonds and preprocessed parts.

Our in-depth processing experience has been supplemented by collaborating with both companies and surgeons who use diamond knives for their practices and researching purposes. This bi-directional collaboration set the foundation of our manufacturing process and became the basis for using diamond technology in high-precision ophthalmic surgery knives.

In 2010, iCure expanded to the USA offering diamond surgical products specially designed for local (and overseas) surgeons. According to marketing research, the majority of cost- and quality-conscious surgeons in the world prefer to use diamond knives for their medical procedures. Our extended line of surgical diamond knives are geared toward the most popular types of surgery.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding our products or services. We guarantee a quality surgical instrument, delivered on time and at a competitive price!

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