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Diamond Knives

All iCure blades can be placed in a straight freehand, angled freehand, stepped, and calibrated or micrometer handle position, depending on the procedure in which they will be used. Customized blade configurations are available upon request.

In addition, our specially crafted titanium handle ensures ease-of-use and durability.

To discover the benefits of our premier knives, please contact us and we will calculate your savings over time based on your desired blade model.

Standard Configurations

Our comprehensive product range contains all of the accepted types and forms of ophthalmic surgical blades, including:

  • Straight 30, 45
    - universal knife for tissue dissection(anterior chamber entrance for cataract surgery)
  • Double lancet
    - standard cataract diamond knife
  • Trifacet
    - for scleral groove, tunnel incision, side port incision (cataract and glaucoma surgery)
  • Double lancet with blunt sides
    - keratome shaped blade (to perform anterior chamber entrance)
  • Double lancet with sharp sides
    - four facet blade for clear cornea MICS (micro coaxial surgery). It is for primary cataract incisions when the phaco tip and IOL inserter are different sizes. Initially the phaco incision is made and the wound is then enlarged for IOL insertion with the vertical sides of the blade.
  • Single lancet with blunt sides
    - for anterior chamber entrance and wound extension
  • Trapezoid with sharp sides
    - the clear cornea keratome with sharp edges for use in micro-incision phacoemulsification
  • Crescent-shaped with sharp sides and definitive tunneling blade
    - it is used in cataract and visco canalosotomy operations. Facet-less blade for smooth controlled cut and tissue separation.
  • Triamond
    - multipurpose blade
  • Triple edged
    - this blade is primarily used for LRI

Examples of most popular designs:
Straight 30, 45
Double Lancet
Double Lancet with blunt sides
Single Lancet with blunt sides
Double Lancet with sharp sides
Trapezoid with sharp sides
Crescent-shaped with sharp sides
Triple edged
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